Start Going Green, Fast!

Skylights are the cheapest and easiest way to get started with going green. Not only can you turn off the conventional electric light bulb, you can provide cleaner and more beautiful lighting for your home.

VELUX SUN TUNNELâ„¢ skylights admit passive light from the Sun without the normal heat emitted by electrical light sources



We Are Professional Installers

Dual Diffuser

Velux skylights feature a dual diffuser that reduces the chance of condensation and increases energy efficiency while providing even light distribution through a frosted diffuser.

Quick and Easy Installation

VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight installation is quick, easy and can be completed in just two hours with only basic carpentry skills required. This means minimal time is needed in the attic.

Optional Light Kit Available

The ZTL 114 electric light kit allows your SUN TUNNEL to be a source of illumination at night as well as during the day. This kit installs in minutes inside the tunnel just above the diffuser.

Federal 30% Tax Credit

The VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight SE series provides consumers not only a 30% federal tax credit, but also the peace of mind that comes with using a VELUX product.

Warranties You Can Trust

Comes with a ten year warranty against manufacturer's defect, rust corrosion and deterioration. Click here for details.