Solar Site Analysis

When you decide to take the first step, One Planet Solar will conduct a free solar site analysis which will determine the best type of system for your home. One Planet Solar techs will use solar tools such as the solar pathfinder pictured below, to evaluate shading at the property. The OPS team will then design a system to best meet your needs.


Solar Pathfinder will be used for a year-round shading of your property (pole mounts, roof mounts, ground mount) along with tracking systems.

Consultation Services

Offering consultation services to commercial and residential customers. We can provide valuable insight for product developers, project managers, architects, property owners, and others. If you are planning on making the switch to green energy or even offsetting your current usage, it's a good idea to give us a call and let us guide you in the right path.

We perform solar consultation services, solar site analysis, feasibility studies, solar system design, project management, solar RFP writing, solar installation training, solar system commissioning, and system maintenance and repair. We can also perform third-party system commissioning and performance analysis, and perform system troubleshooting and maintenance.

With One Planet Solar on your side you can relax knowing all your energy needs will be met. We are staffed by the best team in the industry. We are "like minded" individuals who form a "power house" of skills.

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