Solar Hot Water

Why Solar?

Solar water heating is a cost effective, renewable energy solution. Provided by a global leader and proven partner, VELUX solar water heating systems give you the benefits of solar water heating, in an aesthetically pleasing, quality design

Cost Effective Solution

On average, if you install a solar water heater, your water heating bills should drop 50% - 80%. Also, because the sun is free, you're protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes. Other financial incentives include: Average cost of system is $7,500 to $10,000.

  • Solar energy systems can take advantage of the sun's free energy year round.
  • Solar energy can be produced even at low temperatures.
  • Federal tax credits help pay 30% of the system and installations costs. Many states and utilities offer additional support.
  • Between tax credits and energy savings, this system offers a faster return on your investment than other types of solar energy systems.
  • Lower first-time start up cost than solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

  • Source: U.S. Department of Energy EERE consumer's guide.

    Environmentally Beneficial

    Solar water heating systems installed in the U.S. help reduce our household energy consumption, and the nation's reliance on toxic fossil fuels.
    Solar water heating systems will work anywhere in the U.S., not just sunny states.


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    How much does a VELUX solar water heater cost?

    The installed system cost will vary, but will typically range from approximately $7,500 to $10,000, and will depend largely upon the following variables:
    •Size of the family to be served
    •Geographic location within the U.S.
    •Type of roof in which the panels are mounted
    •Building code requirements
    •Roof pitch and site conditions for home
    •Distance from solar collectors to solar storage tank

    Overall system costs may be considerably less depending upon geography. The federal government currently offers a solar rebate of 30% of the system installed cost up to $2000 and many state and local rebates and incentives may also be available.

    Will a solar hot water system replace an existing water heater?

    Yes and no. There are two basic sizes of VELUX solar water heaters – a two collector/80 gallon system or a three collector/120 gallon system. The two collector/80 gallon system would typically replace a conventional 40 to 50 gallon residential tank water heater; the three collector/120 gallon system would typically replace a 75 to 80 gallon residential tank water heater. VELUX solar systems can also work with, or in addition to, a conventional tank water heater to provide additional hot water capacity.