SkyStream 2.4kW Turbine

Introducing Skystream A new generation small wind turbine that hooks up to your home to help you reduce your monthly electricity costs. It’s the first compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in)designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds. With Skystream, homeowners and small business owners now have the power to choose their electricity source.

First of Its Kind

Skystream is the first all-inclusive small wind turbine specifically designed to help reduce your electric bill. Since everything is built in and there are no significant maintenance costs, once your Skystream is operating and the wind is blowing, you’ll see an immediate reduction in electricity costs.

Cumulative Performance Table

Skyview 2.0 displays energy production totals for any selected date range, today's production, daily averages, and total energy produced since installed.

Radio Signal Strength Indicator

To help you find the best location to place your Wireless PC Interface, Skyview 2.0 now provides an indicator that provides instant feedback on radio signal strength.

Carbon Footprint Information

See how energy from Skystream has offset emissions when compared with coal power. Displays total pounds or kilograms of CO2 offset since installed.

Instant Performance DisplaySkyview 2.0 maintains this popular feature from Skyview 1.x. Instantly watch dials for power and RPM move in response to changing wind conditions.

Technical Specifications