Take Charge

We depend upon electricity for all the daily necessities of life. When the power goes out, save the day with a Generac automatic back-up generator.
Available in Either Whole-House or Essential-Circuit Coverage
Choose between the pre-wired EZ Switch™ for essential-circuit coverage and the Nexus Smart Switch™ with load-shedding capabilities for managed whole-house coverage.

Guardian Series

Guardian Series

The #1 selling line of home backup generators

With Generac's Guardian Series, you never invest in a larger backup power system than you need. From essential circuit coverage to backing up your entire home, there is a Guardian Series home backup generator that fits the bill.

Core Power Series

Core Power Series

Automatic Power for Essential Lights and Appliances

Be Ready for Power Outages with 24/7 Protection
Why back up essential lights and appliances with a portable generator you have to operate and refuel when you can have automatic backup power? Generac's CorePower home backup generator backs up what's most important to you. Automatically. For as long as necessary. Without the need for extension cords or refueling.

Quiet Source Series

Quiet Source Series

Automatic Backup Power for Large or Custom Homes

With Premium Features Not Found on Many Home Backup Generators

Looking to back up your entire home, or more items than usual? Consider the premium power of Generac's QuietSource Series. Ideal for homes requiring backup power for additional living areas, garages and air conditioners, pools, or guest houses, Generac's QuietSource Series features a low-RPM liquid-cooled engine for additional power but extra-quiet operation and reduced fuel consumption.



Designed Specifically for Alternative Energy Systems

The first backup generator warranted for off-grid use

Whether you're off grid by choice or necessity, you're responsible for the production of the energy you consume. Even when there’s no sun or wind, your batteries continue to deliver electricity. Unless you have a backup power system in place, your battery bank will drain. Generac engineered the EcoGen home backup generator as the first automatic backup generator warranted for off-grid use when used in an alternative energy system. It integrates easily into your existing inverter and battery storage system. And it runs on your existing LP fuel supply.

Installation Overview

Generac EcoGen 6kW


There’s no better time to purchase a new, energy efficient Generac automatic standby generator. Right now, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is offering $1,500 toward the purchase of a Generac EcoGen 6kW.

The Gennerac EcoGen
The Generac EcoGen 6kW is the energy efficient answer to your renewable energy needs. It’s the first automatic standby generator to be warrantied for off-grid use when used in an alternative energy system. Fueled by propane, it features Generac’s own V-Twin OHVI industrial engine, developed specifically for generator use.


• Runs on clean-burning propane.
• 500-hour maintenance intervals.
• Weather protective steel enclosure.
• Nexus Digital Controller.
• Capable of 120V or 240V.
• Can easily integrate into existing inverter and
battery storage system.


Residential; Commercial; Telecommunications; Railroads; Farms; Ranches; National Parks; Remote Lodging; and Recreation.


Sponsored by PERC, the Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program is designed to encourage construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses to adopt new propane-fueled products for residential and commercial use. There are a limited number of incentives available, so apply today. Visit Build with Propane and follow the enrollment instructions.

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